My readers are calling Little Big Man “an animal.” It’s BIG, of that there is no doubt, but it’s not long. (Well, at least I don’t think it is). Others tell me they love what they’ve been reading. (Well, they are my friends after all, but I guess it’s better than them diplomatically calling it “interesting’). I’d love to hear what YOU have to say. So, please…comment here. Before you do, let tell you a little about “Little Big Man….”

In writing “Little Big Man” I “discovered” that I feel like I’ve lived –and used up– 8 separate and distinct lives. (and damn, I’m hoping we have more than 9). Thus, 8 chronological, linear Chapters emerged naturally. Sneak a peek at chapters one and two here.

TALL TALES, is basically a short story, but so outrageous that if the “average” person were to live just ONE of these, he’d tell it over and over for entire life. I’ve got about a hundred. Ready to be blown away? Then click here.

MY PHILOSOPHY (for what it’s worth), is my take on what occurred at a certain point in time in my life, and how it affected me and changed my outlook, no matter how small. Or sometimes, meditations on themes that are universal…Love, Loss, Sex, Fear, Romance…

IT’S JUST PART OF LIFE is a stand-alone segment, apropos of nothing, which I’ve done my best to place at a spot in the book where it makes the most sense . These entries are generally pretty visceral/raw/on-the-edge, and cover things like my Scars, Tattoos, Drug Use, etc. If you’re brave enough, click here for a teaser.

The DIARY entries, which were written within the time frame I wrote this book, do appear chronologically, during one of the toughest times of my life Read a sample entry here.

Then, in what I hope will go down in Literary History as a great reinvention of Structure (as opposed to a complete mess), I’ve interwoven these four types of the entries with the actual Chapters. We’ll see…

The Introduction to Little Big Man:

I wrote this book over the course of nearly two years, and in no chronological order, whatsoever. Rarely, would I backtrack and read what I’d written previously.

My writing has been accelerating, vastly, of late, and the end is in sight. I’m so excited. I’m purposefully not going back, because I’m feverishly looking forward to that day –or late night—when I take stock of all I’ve written and attempt to assemble into a BOOK.

I mention not going back for a reason- BECAUSE on the occasions when I have gone back, to complete something I’d started days or even months before, I’d start to notice some inconsistencies. Not where FACTS are concerned, but more so in how I was looking at, or felt about something that had happened in my life. I attribute this to a natural course of “progression,” or the result of major occurrences in my life as I wrote. Or, something as simple as a mood swing. For a moment I contemplated going back to make everything “consistent”, but only for a moment. Hey, maybe I’m lazy, but my rationale is three-fold: 1) Little Big Man, is as much stream of consciousness/state-of-mind as it is about my story of what happened on the physical plane.

And… Read More…

Click here for the complete Introduction and to hear why we’re going to smoke James Frey and “A Million Little Pieces.”