To Be Great, aka Something’s Gotta Give.

UPW logoGreatness, I think, is endeavoring to give your all to another, without design of personal benefit, and achieving an end by which the intended recipient realizes recognizable and significant gain, and you yourself gain in strength of character.  I am too busy to think of it at the time, but I’m chasing greatness for Extreme University, for UPW/Ultimate University and for myself and Gabrielle.  In so many ways – time, money, experience, et cetera—I’m unequipped to serve so many masters. Something’s gotta give.


In the face of Partner Sean McCulley’s admonitions to run lean and mean, we spend far too much in building out Extreme U, and go even further overboard in designing and implementing costly programs.  Despite an increasingly growing membership, we run at an ever-widening deficit from day one.  Whether I’ve volunteered for it or not, the responsibility to bridge that gap falls to me.  Day after day, I stress myself and Gabrielle to the max, chasing money to close the gaps.  Drawing and revising business plans, setting meetings, making pitches and negotiating deals, only to have to go back and do it all again. It’s exhausting.