Tito on TNA


So, Tito is participating in what looks to become a long-running storyline on TNA.  My thoughts….good? bad? Indifferent? …




I first brought Tito backstage to WWE to meet Vince McMahon and good ‘ol JR roundabouts 2007, when the UFC was really just starting to take off.  Vince, JR and crew were exceptionally interested in The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.  Even without the aura of escalating stardom brought by his association with UFC, Tito was (and IS) an excellent candidate for PRO WRESTLING STARDOM.  Great look, great athleticism, great work ethic and charisma personified.  That Tito is a lifelong fan doesn’t hurt; in fact, it gives him an inherent “knowledge” of what being in the squared circle is all about.


I wouldn’t worry too much about blurring the lines between Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, with respectively TNA and Bellator.  The people are Bellator are professionals, as is Tito, and I’, very confidence they’ll keep the perspective pretty much where it needs to be.  That’s the business side of things.


As a fan, I very much look forward to seeing what Tito does in Pro Wrestling.  Should he decide to truly dive him, we will soon be witnessing the birth of a new breed of Pro Wrestling superstar.