Who lives in a bit of a fantasy world? Raise your hand (if you dare) and say, “I do!,” “I do!.” Okay, so fine…. I DO. But here’s the rub…arrogant or not…as kicked in the face as I have been, am now, and will be…I am hell-bent on making my fantasies realties. And here they are, as they will appear in an “It’s Just Part of Life” excerpt from my book.

Been There, Done That_It WILL BE a Part Of My Life_The Bucket List. My Goals. My Dreams. My Wishes. My Fantasies. Wanna Bet Against Me?

  • To produce and “host” “Rise Above,” my beyond-well-developed reality/web series concept, which centers on rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless on Skid Row, Los Angeles.
  • To open and operate a vineyard/winery/pit bull rescue in Central or Northern California
  • To be a guest on the Howard Stern Show.
  • Get Ramone and GoGo Service Certified, and visit a Childrens’ Oncology Ward with them.
  • To track down each and every person I owe money to – many of whom I’m sure have forgotten about me or never expected to hear from me again—and pay them back.
  • To stand on stage with The Rolling Stones, and sing one verse of “Like A Rolling Stone” with Mick Jagger.
  • To host my own birthday party in a big house on the North Shore of Oahu, to fly in the friends of my choice to be there. To have Sashamon and Ooklah The Moc play live.
  • To see Sam once again, even if from afar, just to know she’s okay. To see that with my own eyes.
  • Introduce The Global Pro Wrestling Mission in a developing country, visiting an Orphanage, and making donations. (Guyana!)
  • To adopt a little one in need, from Africa.
  • To ride a motorcycle across India with Gregory David Roberts, the author of Shantaram, my favorite book ever
  • To produce Rumble in The Jungle 2 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to raise a lot of money for our non-profit partners, to wrestle on the final show of the tour in Martyr’s Stadium in front of 120,000, and to take the documentary that results from all of this to Sundance.
  • To run the Iditarod in Alaksa.
  • Backpack Mexico. Solo.
  • To hand Gabrielle one million dollars — $100,000 per year for time served — as a complete and total surprise. Whether she needs it or not.
  •  To spend 4 months at “Sanctuary,” the world’s best rehab center, in Bondi Beach, Australia, to get my body, my psyche, my soul, together like never before.
  • To have a one-on-one meal and real conversation with:
  • – Oprah Winphrey
  • – Bob Geldof
  • – Larry David
  • – Hugh Hefner
  • – Bill Clinton
  • To know, unequivocally, that my babies, Ramone and GoGo, are okay
  • To see “Been There, Done That” on bookstore shelves, just to the left of #2 on the NY Times Bestseller List


Hey, it’s not too much to ask, right? Right! Than I will just do it.