The WINNER of the “name-your-top-5-one-hit-wonders-for-free-wrestling-tickets” is…

Rick Bassman gives away free wrestling tickets!First, I want to thank you all for taking the time to submit your entries.  So many of you sent so many great lists, that it was truly, incredibly difficult to choose.    It was fun looking through the lists; coming across really cool songs that I had completely forgotten about, like ta – Tu’s “All The Things She Said,” which was suggested by J.J. Williams of Long Beach, California, and Brownsville’s “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room,” from Daniel Wenstrom in Branson, Missouri.


Being that I’ve always considered Pro Wrestling and One Hit Wonders to be the epitome of popular culture, I expected to get a lot of fantastic entries from Pro Wrestling fans.  And…I wasn’t disappointed.  When it comes to entertainment, I’ve found always that PRO WRESTLING FANS HAVE GREAT TASTE!


Before I go on, and in case anyone is interested, the songs that I saw come in most are “Mickey” by Toni Basil, “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, “Take on Me” by A-Ha.  All from the “New Wave” era.  Hmmm.


And again, in case anyone is interested, if I HAD to pick my Top 5, it would probably look something like this…  King Without A Crown by Matisyahu; Sugar, Sugar by The Archies; Drift Away by Dobie Gray, Lightning Crashes by Live and One More Time by Daft Punk.  My New Wave pick?  I Melt With You by Modern English.  So…you may hate all of these songs.  Which brings me to this…as I said when first posting this contest, the winner is picked solely by subjective taste.  In this case…Mine!


That said, the WINNER of the “name-your-top-5-one-hit-wonders-for-free-wrestling-tickets is…


JADE HOGAN, also of Long Beach, with:


  • 867-5309 Jenny, by Tommy Tutone
  • How Do You Talk To An Angel, by The Heights
  • Bittersweet Symphony, by The Verve
  • Mambo No.5, by Lou Bega
  • The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, by Vicki Lawrence


A really cool mix of genres and songs with guts IMO –and with the exception of Mambo, which I never was a huge fan of—I’d drop a buck in a jukebox for these songs any day.


So congratulations Jade, you’ve got 2 tickets coming to a house show near you.  I’m assuming either Los Angeles or Anaheim?  Just send me a message on FB which you’d like to attend, and I’ll make the arrangements.


Thank you all again and have an awesome day!




(p.s. if you had looked at the “Stuff I Like” section of my Website, you would have gotten a good hint how this contest may have gone.  So, please, check in from time to time, and “Like” my Facebook as well.  My book, “Been There, Done That,” comes out in November.  Your support will help me gain a bigger push from my Publisher.  Thank you again, and more contests coming!)