The Smashing Machine – Mark Kerr and Mark Coleman to the Rescue

The documentary, “The Smashing Machine,” has attained legendary status in the annals of MMA history.


It chronicles the then-far-more-brutal sport we all know and love, and focuses on star Mark Kerr’s descent into drug addiction and attendant craziness (which blessedly, he has overcome – well, almost. Mark will always be a little nuts).  (And I say that with the greatest affection!).  At the time, Mark, along with fellow wrestler Mark Coleman, was dominating the Heavyweight division.

"The Marks" - Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, with Rick BassmanAt the time production of The Smashing Machine begun, the 3 of us, along with Tom Howard, were living part-time in the Seacrest Apartments in San Clemente.  And we were ALL going through it.  But…the only one that got “caught” was Mark K! Hell, one night at a very strange after-hours party at a Laguna Beach mansion, and as always, I was doing my best to keep up with the big boys.  X was on the menu that night and I had never tried it.  An hour after popping my first tab, I felt nothing, so down went #2.  An hour later, when I could no longer feel my legs, “the Marks,” the two toughest men on the planet at that time, carried me to our car, and off we went into the night.

We were all at the top of our games, and we were either killing ourselves or having a little fun.  Depends on how you look at it.  I received a very nice e-mail the other day from Mark Coleman, saying that he is looking forward to reading my book and asking if he’s in it.  Yes indeed my friend, you are!  Stay-tuned…


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