Hosts Rick Bassman and Mina Martinez believe that dogs are the most beautiful creatures on earth, as they share a passion centered on love and support for their beloved bully breeds. As long-time dedicated advocates for pit bull-type dogs and as activists with a mutual goal to better the bullies’ steep challenges, Mina and Rick have come together to shine a truthful light on the far-too-often misunderstood pit bull. Featuring expert guests on every relevant topic surrounding the bully breeds, The Pit Bull Podcast does a deep dive into rescue –including fostering and adopting –and how to succeed at it, breed-specific legislation, media vilification, dog fighting, breeding, and the plight of pit bulls entering the shelter system. We can change the world for pit bulls, one dog at a time. Join us here to help us make that difference right here on The Pit Bull Podcast.

Episode 6 – with Smashface Rescue’s Kyle Schwab & The Pit Bull Podcast

Kyle Schwab is recognized by many industry professionals as the world-leading expert in rehabilitating dangerous dogs, and for his passionate advocacy for our beloved bully breed. Kyle is known far and wide for his commitment to defending our bullied dogs –as is evidenced by his many arrests—but is equally known for his seemingly limitless love for dogs everywhere, and for his tireless work to educate others, in the quest to make our world a better place for our canine companions.

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Episode 5 – with Darcy Dennett & The Pit Bull Podcast

Darcy Dennett is a master storyteller and highly-accredited, and award-winning documentarian.  Travelling the globe to expertly –and beautifully—document stories of the human condition… hardship, resilience and ultimately triumph, Darcy’s work has resonated with millions on platforms ranging from NatGeo and History Channel to PBS and Netflix. 

Dennett was Showrunner of 4 seasons of the highly successful Dogtown (National Geographic) following trainers, vets, and caregivers at a Utah animal sanctuary as they rescue and rehabilitate dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. The series was nominated for a Genesis Award given by the Humane Society, in recognition of media illuminating animal rights issues.  Darcy, notably, also directed and executive produced the documentary feature, The Champions (Netflix), about the pit-bulls rescued from the notorious dog-fighting ring of Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback Michael Vick—an inspirational story of resilience and the relationship between humans and animals. Darcy, Mina and Rick do a deep dive on her foray into the pit bull world; how and why she became interested, her initial perceptions of the “breed,” her view today of the pit bull, and a surprising discourse on Vick himself. This episode is a must-see/must-listen for a wholly original take on pit bull-type dogs, and a shining example of the possibility of changing the misconceptions surrounding our beautiful bully breeds

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Episode 4 – with Steve Spiro, START Rescue & The Pit Bull Podcast

English-born writer and former boxer, Steve Spiro is a renaissance man in the world of dog rescue.

A huge Pit Bull fan whose his favorite quote is “Stop blaming the wrong end of the leash,” Steve co-founded START Rescue. With a mission statement that focuses on transporting dogs from high-kill shelters in California to the Pacific Northwest to afford them a better chance at a quality life.

Steve joins Mina and Rick to discuss all aspects of rescue, including reducing the euthanasia rates of surrendered, stray, neglected, and abused animals in California.

In the process, they do a deep dive into the unfair reputation surrounding pit bull-type dogs, explore their true nature, and talk about what can be done to turn things around for our beloved bullies.

Episode 3 – with Sara Enos Ondrako, American Pit Bull Foundation & The Pit Bull Podcast

Sara  Enos Ondrako is known and respected as one of the world’s leading experts on the Pit Bull.  As the founder and CO of the American Pit Bull Foundation, Sara has been at the forefront of combatting breed-specific legislation, spay and neuter, adopt-don’t-shop movement, and advocating for the world to have an accurate perception of our beloved bullies. 

Sara joins Rick and Mina for a very pragmatic, yet no-hold-barred look at what is being done to help pit bull-type dogs, and a look into what we can all do to help going forward.

Episode 2 – October 06, 2023 – with Jill & Cody Rackley of SHADOW’S FUND & The Pit Bull Podcast

There are only small handfuls of people in this world who have invested everything in acquiring land, erecting structures and maintaining a staff, and dedicating all of these resources to the betterment of a large number of pit bull-type dogs.  There are even fewer who are DOING IT RIGHT.  Jill and Cody Rackley of Shadow’s Fund are amongst those few.

Mina and Rick do a deep dive with Jill and Cody into the challenges of not only keeping a sanctuary running year after year, but doing so at a high standard.  From there, they focus on the challenges surrounding our beautiful bully breeds, with a focus on why pit bull-type dogs’ reputations suffer such incredible unfairness, and how we can play our part in giving these deserving creatures a better chance at a fair and fulfilled life.

Episode 1 – September 19, 2023– Introducing Rick & Mina & The Pit Bull Podcast

Mina –who lives in Tokyo and Rick,who lives in California– great friends for 10 years, meet in person for the first time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. 

In this inaugural episode, they discuss their mutual love for the pit bull, the challenges facing their beloved bully breeds, and their motivation behind doing The Pit Bull Podcast.