So, WHEN exactly, IS my book coming out?

Rick BassmanSo, WHEN exactly, IS my book coming out?  I’m asked this question more often each day. (and am truly humbled that people care to ask)


The unending, interesting saga of life continues…


…My Agent is in rehab, and I’m at war with my Publisher.

This is the Agent who ducked and dodged and just wouldn’t share with me the details of my own contract.  I know, sounds far-fetched, huh?  That someone who does deals (me) day-in and day-out, didn’t get a look at his own deal?  Well, as I’ve been known to do from time to time, in pure excitement –at having a deal with a major Publisher—I threw caution to the wind and charged like a blind bull; in this case,  just focused on writing.  And now that my Agent is “in abstentia,” I obtained my contract, and…It’s just not what I thought it was / told it was.  Things like editorial approval, marketing plan, ability to sell copies through my own site, etc. etc. are just not what I thought/hoped they were.  So, do I just bend over and grab my ankles and hope for the best, or do I fight for what I want and potentially blow the deal?


The business-person in me says to take the money and run.  The “artist” in me, the one that has lived the life that I’ve written about…the one that is dying to dive into his second book, but needs the first to perform in order to control its destiny, says “risk it all….FIGHT!”


What do YOU think?  Seriously, please let me know!


I have nearly 1000 people now that have written me, asking me for signed copies, and I’m SO VERY APPRECIATIVE.  Maybe I need 9000 more friends like YOU, to make this monster conglomerate stand up and take notice…to make them willing to work WITH ME, to make “Been There, Done That” all that I know it can be.


Do I succumb to the corporate machinery or throw caution to the wind?  Damn, I’ll have to figure this out soon.  In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my Book.  It’s the one I intend to open with. (Of course, if “my” Editor, at “my” Publisher, has her way, it will probably get buried).  While I puzzle this out, I hope you’ll enjoy.


Thank you all for your continued support,