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Romance and dating story poll

I’m home alone in the mountains tonight, working on a very tough section of my book, “Been There, Done That”. I’m on a part where a very real, very deep relationship, went awry. It began fast, got intense real quickly, and in ways that became off-the-charts romantic/scary/surreal…it ended…well…let me save that for my BOOK.

Nonetheless, writing about this got me to thinking. About relationships and what not. About how they start. About the missteps we make along the way. And about what we get right. I have a question for you –LADIES ONLY—a “survey” if you will. Would love to see your “votes” and especially, to hear your thoughts of you care to share them.

When you’re just getting to know a guy, and are starting to like him, would you prefer that he:

1.  straight up, lets you know that he really likes you
2.  with an air of mystery, keeps you guessing

As I’m always endeavoring to understand the ways of romance, I’m dying to see how the results stack up on this one, and to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, I’ve linked an excerpt from Been There, Done That, which describes how I like to feel. It’s an “It’s Just Part of Life” entry from my Book, and it’s called “Romantic Love and The Kiss.”



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