“ReBirTH Productions is a collaboration with longtime friend Tom Howard. The word “rebirth” in and of itself represents a philosophy that Tom and I individually and collectively embrace…that of always having a chance to rise again. And if you look at the capitalized letters in ReBirTH, “RB” stands for Rick Bassman and “TH” for Tom Howard. Aren’t we clever?!?”

With ReBirTH Productions, we create, develop, shop and produce Unscripted (i.e. “Reality”) Series Concepts. The vast majority of our Shows fall under our self-proclaimed “Tough Guy TV” banner, and feature unique, un-duplicatable physical Talents, inhabiting hard-to-access worlds in which they live their outrageous lives. (A few of our shows are not so “tough” though, as man cannot live by brawn alone). ReBirTH has had the good fortune to partner with industry powerhouses such as Mark Burnett, A Smith, GRB and Endemol.

Click here for a quick view of a sample ReBirTH Slate (that’s Hollywood-speak for collection of shows). This one’s a little old. Gotta keep some of the newer shows secret for now!