Pit Bulls: Saving America’s Dog


GoGo & RamoneThe American Pit Bull Terriers and bully breeds, such as  Mastiffs and American Staffordshire terriers, are in trouble.

I have been working throughout the country to help these dogs, which are battling everything from a media-driven bad reputation to dog fighting to legislation designed to outlaw their very existence.






Here are a few facts about pit bulls:

  • About half of the dogs killed in shelters today are pit bulls or pit bull mixes.
  • There are 20 different species of dogs that are commonly confused with the pit bull, making breed-discriminatory rules very hard to enforce.
  • Only one in every 600 pit bulls will find a home.
  • Nationwide, 75% of shelters euthanize all pit bulls, regardless of temperament, age, history, etc.

The biggest risk factors for dog aggression are irresponsible/cruel dog owners and dogs that are not spayed/neutered. No breed is inherently aggressive or vicious.

Responsibly owned, well trained, and socialized pit bulls are fantastically social and make first-rate family dogs.

So, those are a few of the facts and figures.  Now, onto my personal feelings.  Having now have had 3 Staffies as part of my immediate family, I have never met another being — human or animal — that is kinder, more loving or warmer– than my babies.  There is not enough room in my heart to adequately express how much love I feel for them, nor words to describe how much joy they’ve brought to my life.

I wish for just a moment that those who don’t understand would put their prejudices aside, and open their hearts and minds to this wonderful creature.  The world would be just that much better of a place.

How are you helping pit bulls?