OUTLAW RADIO Feat. Rick Bassman

Outlaw Radio with Rick BassmanIt’s outrageous.  It’s hilarious.  It’s edgy, it’s biting.  It’s provocative and political, unusual and astounding.  It’s the one and only OUTLAW RADIO!
Outlaw Radio is an assault of outrageous, hilarious, politically incorrect talk – featuring cigars, celebrities, and Magic Matt Alan!
Every Saturday at 3 PM PST, esteemed radio host Magic Matt Alan gathers in the legendary Lighten Up Lounge, accompanied by his famed Demons of Decadence.

There, in the 1876 Virginia City, Nevada-style bar, in the hills of Encino, California, a rapacious evening of smoking, drinking, and interrupting commences!  From celebrities to cigars, anything can happen on the program… and usually does!  This Friday, Author/Producer/Fighting & Wrestling impresario Rick Bassman is our special guest.

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