My New Website is Live

We’ve seen our share of ups and downs
Oh how quickly life can turn around
In an instant

– Creed, “My Sacrifice”

I could be anywhere but here.  In jail.  On the streets.  In the hospital.  Dead.  And really, I’m at least mildly surprised that I’m not one.  Or the other.

But here I am.  With my beautiful babies, Ramone and GoGo.  In the lobby bar at the Sheraton Universal, where we will sleep tonight.

“Hangin’ with my highly-trained service homies at the In The Mix Lounge at The Sheraton Universal.

Before I drop them off tomorrow at doggie boarding, on my way to an adventure and yet another exciting opportunity, in Orlando and Miami.

Drove down the hill today from our home in Big Bear, stopping in bumfu*k Victoville, at the DMV, where I got the title to my piece of sh%t Land Rover.  But…it’s mine.

WOW.  (when the bank was trying to repo the car i was living in 3 years ago, couldn’t imagine owning a car.  Now…it’s NOTHING)

Today was a magnificent day.  My car.  My babies.  Freedom to move.  And I take NONE of it for granted.

For, life CAN change in an instant.  And HAS.

For now,  I appreciate the blessings that life is bringing. Day after blessed day after blessed day.   And I hope / I think, that I always will.  No matter what this blessed life brings.

My website went “live” today.     From the ashes, I rise, with my sites set on living a full, honest life.  And, set on… a New York Times #1 Bestseller.  How’s that for superficial?   Well, it is what it is.  That said…CAN I ASK YOU A FAVOR?  Will you PLEASE log onto my BRAND NEW WEBSITE, .  Go to the BOOK page, and then to this link:

From there, PLEASE write a comment.  You know…how cool / fuc&ed up I am / how much you’re just dying to read my book.  This will help me to get a great publishing deal.  And to realize my dreams.  I would really appreciate it.  And really, I would do it for you.