My Crush on Wix Pro Deborah Foreman

So, I’ve been “instructed” to write a blog about Hollywood.

Deborah Foreman and Rick Bassman

I indeed have a treasure chest full of salacious Hollywood stories, so I’m not sure this applies at all, but here goes…  What happens when after years of worship-from-afar, you not only meet one of your idols, but actually become friends with him/her?  For me, this has amongst others translated into spending a day with Linda Blair at her ranch,  pouring our hearts out to one another about our love for dogs; a pose-off poolside with Lou Ferrigno on set of a movie I was producing; deep hearts to heart with Roddy Piper about looking into the belly-of-the-cancer-beast, and beating its ass; drinking warm vodka out of Dixie cups at 3 am in the middle-of-freakin’-nowhere with Pat Morita.  The list goes on and from time to time, I tell the tales of these friendships (as well as some downright, nasty, too-X-rated-for-E-Hollywood Stories) in Been There, Done That. 

Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl

In the meantime, a seemingly innocuous occurrence… Growing up, my biggest celebrity crush, bar none, was Deborah Foreman, of “Valley Girl” fame.  When I say was crazy about her…wow…that would be the understatement of the year.  I must have watched timeless classics “My Chauffeur,” “Lobster Man From Mars” and “April Fool’s Day” 20 times each.  I just couldn’t get enough of her. (Not to mention 50+ viewing of legit classic Valley Girl).  Last year, I was looking for a webmaster for a site I was developing and wanted to work with someone locally, up here in Big Bear.  I did a search and came up with “Wix Pro Deborah Foreman.”  Could it be?  Nah, no way.  But, in doing a deeper search, well…indeed it was!  I reached out, and we began an e-mail correspondence, which led to Debby designing my site. 


Valley Girl with Deborah Foreman

Later, we met in person a few times and began to develop a friendship.  My screen crush and that wacky intensity that went with it instead lead to a real respect for this neat woman, and a bit of an affinity for similar shared experiences. A recent, misguided attempt to work with her energetic brother as my assistant, has likely put an end to what I think was a progressively growing friendship.  Nonetheless, it was very cool to pull the curtain back on a young man’s Hollywood fantasy, to meet the real, good person behind it.  No regrets there.

(and she’s one hell of a web designer too!)


Do you have any stories about meeting celebrities? Let me know about them below!