Living Dangerously? Uh, if you say so!

UPW Overload 1Hi All-

I made a commitment –to my Business Partner, to my awesome Social Media Team, to myself, and most of all—to YOU, to post consistently and right on-schedule, when I started with this on-going series of Professional Wrestling & Mixed Martial Arts blogs.  Who knew that I’d end up rushed into major back surgery?  Anyways, I’m recovering nicely, and am stock-piling LOTS of entries now, just in case.  I want to thank so many of you for your well wishes and all of you for your patience and continues support.  These blogs, as you know, describe in short entry fashion, my time at in the greatest businesses on Earth, Pro Wrestling and MMA, and how I founded UPW and Valor and took them to the top of the heap.

While writing these entries, I’ve spoken with many of my old running buddies; The Hammer amongst them.  Mark reminded me that one day at Extreme U, I verbally let him have it in front of everyone.  Apparently, he had just unleashed one of his infamous profanity-laced, temper tantrums; the type that would send all God-fearing adults within earshot heading for the hills.  According to Mark, I felt that was inappropriate in front of our paying members, and… I went nuts on him.  As Mark tells the tale, I out-cussed him, out-tempered him and made him feel about 3 feet tall “just a tad shorter than you Rick,” Mark chuckled while reminding me of an incident I had completely forgotten about.  According to the Champ, this was the first –and last—time anyone had yelled at him in his adult life.  “You always did like to live dangerously Bass” Mark said. Funny, never thought of it that way.


Extreme University.  MY gym.  (well, mine and Sean McCulley’s and Craig Hragyil’s).  I HAVE to police things there,  taking as much pride in it –if not more– than anything I’ve ever done.  We have an up-scale, paying membership, while simultaneously training classes of Wrestlers and Fighters that are probably the best and the most colorful in the US at this time, if not in the world.  It’s not an atypical day if Bas Rutten, Ken Shamrock, Eddie and Chavo Guererro, Antonio Inoki, Allan Goes and Red Bastien come by for a visit.  The former (the members) are very “attracted” to the latter (the Fighters and the Wrestlers), yet order has to be maintained to make the housewives and executives feel safe and comfortable.  It’s a delicate balance to attain and maintain.  I should have made such an attempt at balance to all aspects of my life.


As Extreme University races toward the crescendo of its success, both in paid membership and especially with Ultimate University, Justin McCulley speaks eight words that set me on a course that will change and largely define much of life to come.  “Hey boss, why don’t we do a show?”