My Mom Dies Suddenly and Tragically

Rick BassmasnChapter 1 / Life 1:  My Mom Dies Suddenly and Tragically.   Causing my Dad to go to work on the road to pay the bills.  Thereby leaving my Brother and I to our own devices. 

Thus, the Juvenille Delinquency years ensue.  (Well –as much as Two Boys growing up as Middle Class Jews in the Valley can be Delinquents anyways). (and oh yeah, I stress out to the max, giving myself three years of “terminal” cancer hell)  

Damn that hurts. And it just looks all wrong. My right ball has blown up to literally 3 times the size of my left.  I’m looking at it, thinking.  “Well, if they were both that size, then I’d be doing good.” At least, that’s how I want to remember it now.


In truth, I was probably freaking out. I’m 16 years old and sitting in Doctor Leonard Goldman’s office. He’s older, rotund, affable. But I’m terrified.

I’ve met the Doc 5 minutes ago, and he’s saying “this thing has gotta come out.  Tonight.”  Pure terror. And panic. At this point in my life, I’m not good at handling things.  And I am freakin’. Dad’s at work, and my brother Ken is at school. Where I should be. Brendie, my step-mom, is here, holding my hand. I’m thankful for that still, now. Especially given our volatile relationship. And that’s being generous. My mom. How I miss my Mom. She should be here.