Cedars Sinai Hospital, it’s been an “interesting relationship” for the past 3 months. Ups and downs and then more of each. But bottom line…ya fixed me. And now…IM OUTTA HERE!t there “supporting me,” my blessings continue to multiply. Many ask me — “is there anything you need?” or “can I get you something?” My answer, invariably (unless it’s my poor pal BB), is “No. But just throw a prayer or two my way if you think of it.” But now, I think I may put together a “Wish List.” Or I may not. But in the interim, as I decide, , I DO have a big one request…

MEDITATION! I recognize that if I am to have any real chance of successfully fighting and beating this thing, that I need to have my head in the right place. I know this clear as day, but…I’m just NOT doing anything about it. Meditation, Visualization, Breath Work, etc. You know…”Eastern Sciences.” I know WHY I’m not doing it. I’m overwhelmed. I’m advocating for myself in relation to my medical situation. THAT alone takes nearly all my energy. And then, past that, I have my life –or what’s left of it– to “manage” from my hospital bed. All that said, I just don’t have the bandwidth to create and adhere to my own program.

Is there someone out there, in the LA area, who can come to Cedars-Sinai, lay out a program for me, then take me by the hand and insure I am started down the right path? If it would be helpful to you, I will in return cover you through my Social Media and create business for you. PLEASE do let me know.

Gratefully Yours,