Hammer, Smashing Machines and….Monsters? Oh my!


Hi All-

I made a commitment –to my Business Partner, to my awesome Social Media Team, to myself, and most of all—to YOU, to post consistently and right on-schedule, when I started with this on-going series of Professional Wrestling & Mixed Martial Arts blogs.  Who knew that I’d end up rushed into major back surgery?  Anyways, I’m recovering nicely, and am stock-piling LOTS of entries now, just in case.  I want to thank so many of you for your well wishes and all of you for your patience and continues support.  These blogs, as you know, describe in short entry fashion, my time at in the greatest businesses on Earth, Pro Wrestling and MMA, and how I founded UPW and Valor and took them to the top of the heap.


Today, we pick back up shortly after Mark Coleman and Mark Kerr moved to San Clemente, where me and my new bride are residing.


Soon thereafter, Kevin “The Monster” Randelmann comes to visit.  We go out to play pool, terrorizing the local toughs in-between our turns on the table.  In between taking shots –of the billiards and Jack Daniels variety—Kevin, whom I have just met and have never spoken a word of business with, glares at me.  “If I had a manager, and he screwed me, I would murder him.”  Okay Kevin, no problem, wasn’t that interested anyway.  So instead of entering into a business relationship, we proceed to drink one another under the table.


Now, none of these incidents in of themselves are all that extraordinary.  Therein lay the rub.  To me, this –being out to all hours of the morning with some of the craziest men on the planet—is “normal.”  Yet, I have a new wife at home.  She never once complains; in fact, she is cool with me going out, and encourages me to live my life.  In turn, I prod her too, to go out on social outings independent of me, but she rarely does.

C_Mark Kerr_Mark Coleman_Kimo_Marco Ruas_Ken Shamrock