Going Viral? (aka My Whacked YouTube Videos)

Been There Done That - written by Rick BassmanStill not sure what this Viral-thing is all about. But learning quickly. My very own YouTube Channel –whatever that means—went up today. So, I now have an IPhone, with video capabilities, a nifty little digital video camera and Skype. Just need to learn how to turn them on/use them/etc. Because I’m excited to post what I intend to be some innovative/original/compelling little bits. In the meantime, my “Channel” has launched with two videos … sizzle reels actually, for two attempts I/we made at Unscripted Series. (In Hollywood-speak, a “sizzle reel” is nothing other than a fancy term for a demo video and “unscripted series” just means Reality Show). Both videos …”The Collective” and “House of Hurt” revolve around myself and a big group of my large, colorful pals, bonding together to pull ourselves out of some challenging times and on to winning in life. Neither really picked up much traction in the social media landscape, but those who did see them seemed to like them a lot.

Except for some douchebag named Spencer from some boy band called Panic At The Disco, who latched on to The Collective and bashed away. And by this I mean… me and the boys are simultaneously as straight, and as non-homophobic as anyone. Spencer-boy seemingly claims the same, but his “accusing” us of both blatant and latent “tendencies” has me thinking that he must be really attracted to at least one of us. Whatever, I wish him well in all of his pursuits.

Whatever they may be. For me, it’s just about having some fun, doing something good with my pals and for others, and hopefully making a little money in the process. In my eyes, that’s the ultimate winning combination.

As I continue to try to figure all of this out, I hope you’ll take a look at my Rick Bassman YouTube Channel!

Both came close to being picked up by various networks, but ultimately, neither has seen the light of day. At the time, this was everything to me. Now –and although I want to see the best for my friends—I really can’t imagine doing either. Which probably means they will happen!

Rick BassmanRick Bassman“These photos were taken during the production period for The Collective’s sizzle reel. Lots of good times. Then, before, since, and still to come….