Rick Bassman and Luke Gallows

Most people in the wrestling world know Rick Bassman.  Many don’t like him, but I know he doesn’t care.  I don’t care either, as he’s been nothing but good to me, and I’m glad to call him my friend.  Rick has written a book that comes  out in November.  While only part of it focuses on Wrestling (and this is the guy who discovered and trained Cena and The Warrior, and built UPW), it will kick the sh*t out of all other “wrestling books.”  I know this because I’ve read a lot of it.  In wrestling and outside of it, this little dude has had his ass kicked and been near-death more than just about anyone I know.  But he’s lived more and lived harder than the average 5 big guys combined and has come back to kick life’s ass over and over.  A lot of the stories from his upcoming book, “Been There, Done That” are up on his site at  Check it out, and like his Fan Page at


his Tweet: Follow @rick_bassman & check out  Get ready for the craziest “Wrestling book” ever with Rick’s “Been There, Done That.”