Former WWE Superstar "Diamond Dallas Page" endorses Rick Bassman's new book.

After spending 25 years in and out the World of Professional Wrestling one could say I’ve met a plethora of interesting characters. One of my favorite characters is Rick Bassman… And even though we don’t always see eye to eye, I’ve… never found Rick to be one of those Bullshit Hollywood/Wrestling types that says one thing and does another… He says what he feels and let’s the shit fall where it may… Ha! I’m looking forward to reading his book because I know from talking to him and all the Boys (Wresting SuperStars) over the years, he has a lot of shit to get off his chest! And, he really doesn’t care whether you like what he says or not! He’s telling the story from his point of view… If you’re a Wrestling fan or a Reality fan I have a feeling you’ll really gonna enjoy “Been There Done THAT!”