As the old adage goes, “a picture says a thousand words.”  And indeed they can.  And do.  In fact, each time I come across an older photo, it’s an exciting discovery.  A revelation.  Bringing back a place and time that oftentimes, seemed to have been lost forever.

Regrettably, a combination of moving some 30+ times in my adult life, not having many family members left, and not being much of a photographer in the first place, has resulted in my not having many images older than 10 years.  (if YOU happen to have any, please send ‘em to me!)

Of the photos that I DO have, those that follow are some of my favorites…

As you’ll see if you look on my Facebook page, I have a “thing” for orchestrating and taking group shots.

This is from the sizzle reel shoot for our attempt at an unscripted series (“reality” show) for The Collective.  From left to right, my good friends and partners-in-crime, Tika Ducik, Taurus Cabbab, Chad Michaels, Marcus Timmons, Devon Schwan and Mavrick Von Haug.
And this is what some of us look like when we’re just hanging out.  With The Collective’s Mavrick, Marcus and Chad, and joined by equally great friends Guy Grundy and Matt “Horshu” Wiese.  This was the 2009 Miss Fitness America Bikini Pageant, where I was a judge.  Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Backstage at The Galaxy Theatre during UPW’s heydey –probably around 2005.  So many stars, and good friends, came out of our group.  Yours truly front and center.  (As always! 😉
This was taken in 1991, when I was a big-time executive for The Walt Disney Company. (No joke!)  I’d shed the suit and tie, don the gold extensions and leopard skin spandex, and off I’d go to  the Universal Wrestling Federation tapings at The Penta Hotel in New York, where I masqueraded as evil wrestling manager Rick Golden. With me here are Mark Miller, may he rest in peace, and Greg Boyd.

Okay, so this may not actually BE one of my favorite photos (although Stephanie and Liz are very cool), it’s just that since I’m vain and I thought my abs look pretty good for an old guy, I decided to include it.

UPW, circa 2002.  At the time, “my” girls – we called them the “UPW Vixens”—were bar none, the best female crew in the biz.  Diane, Elaine, Melissa, Sacha, Jenny, Cindy, DrZan (RIP), Cassandra and Cassandra and Frostee…I miss you all!

It’s readily apparent that I’ll never miss the opportunity for a photo with a beautiful group of ladies.  This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL group of all.  My nieces Anna, Allie and Lauren, at their dance recital
Many have fallen victim over the years to my dreaded airplane spin.  This one is a particular favorite, because A.  Bill (Goldberg) is a good friend of mine and B.  because every time he sees me –particularly if there are a lot if people in the room—Bill drops to his knees, opens his arms and yells “give me a hug!”  Although Bill will swear he “let” me do this, I shot under him and hoisted him up when he was completely unaware.  Never saw it comin’
In 1980 – having survived “terminal” cancer, I was lucky enough to join my best friends at our Senior High picnic.  (l-r are Kevin, Jack, me –having been balder-than-a-billiard-ball post-chemo, I let my hair grow out with a vengeance—Ken, Randy and Gregg.
And darned near 30 years later…friendships that last a lifetime.  At ZZ’s wedding (absent from this pic), with Jack, Gregg, Ken, Kevin, Brett and Petar.  We were all together at Kevin’s wedding 25 years before, where I was best man.
Somebody thought it would be a good idea –well, either that or a colossal joke—to recruit me as a “model.”  Here are the results…with my good buds Sylvester “Predator” Terkay and Matt “Apocalypse” Tyler, sporting a kilt for the OC Weekly’s annual Fashion Edition.  Roddy Piper, eat your heart out!
1995 or so.  My best pal, photographer extraordinaire Brett Bereny, shot me and new great pal Pat Morita on the set of “The Misery Brothers,” the God-awful movie I was producing.  Obviously, Pat and I were attempting to replicate the famous Karate Kid crane deal.  Because we were laughing our asses off and mainly because we had just downed copious amounts of vodka, we didn’t do such a good job.
This pic so captures the essence of my best friends/family/brother and sister-in-arms, Ramone and Gogo.

 As does this one…

This is a photo I took of a magazine article, appearing in Japan’s leading publication, “Baseball Gong.”  The article chronicles my epic battle 😉  with the legendary Shinya Hashimoto.  All kidding aside, it was a hell of a thrill to main event at Tokyo’s venerable Korakuen Hall.
Front and center once again, 2012!  At random bar at JFK, heading toward a crazed weekend in Guyana where I produced 2 pro wrestling shows.  (l-r:  Raven, Tom Howard, Todd Keneley, Butterbean, Domino, Luke Gallows, Mike Knox, Nature Boy, Predator and Shad Gaspard.
About 1985 or so, in Denver Colorado.  On set with Broncos Mark Jackson, Vance Johnson and Ricky Nattiel, also known as “The Three Amigos,” a marketing phenomena I created from the Superbowl-bound Denver Broncos.  For a brief moment in time, the Amigos were THE hottest thing in the NFL (go ahead and look it up!)

Also around 1985, while producing “The Colorado Girls.”  As I said, I like group pictures.

This is my profile photo on FB, which I gotta change one of these years (especially as it was taken waaay back in the day).  Both were shot on the same day, Feb 20, 2004, the day of UPW’s 5th anniversary show.  We were shooting a behind-the-scenes deal, hence the too-school-for-school shot on the left.  The shot on the right was just after I defeated the nefarious Pete Doyle, wresting control of UPW from his evil grasp.  Referee Marty Valenza and I are standing side by side, watching video of Vince McMahon on the big screen, congratulating us on our 5th year.

No giant groups.  No Mercedes Benz’.  No hot chicks.  So why does this photo have special significance for me?  This is me and Tom Howard, backstage at The Grove in Anaheim at UPW’s 5th Anniversary show.  I’ve always introduced Tom as “my best friend in wrestling.”  He is that, and one of my best friends in general.  Through all of the ups and downs, we’ve always had each other’s backs.
This is very possibly my favorite photo ever.  This is me and “my” little one, Sam, taken at our house in San Clemente in 2008.  I was blessed to have her in my life for 2 years. This is love.
This is what life is all about for me these days.  Taking care of my beautiful babies –aka vicious pit bulls—Ramone and GoGo.  Here we are on a hike near our home in Big Bear, Winter 2012.