Fact or Fiction, aka TALL TALES

Tall TalesJames Frey had a monster, runaway hit with “A Million Little Pieces.”  5 million copies sold.  F!  What I’d give for even a modicum of his success.  Ol’ James wrote a pretty compelling tale about his descent into drug abuse and his journey to sobriety.  Good stuff, but modesty (or shame) aside, maybe a tenth of what I’ve gone through in my lifetime.  Problem with Mr. Million Little Pieces…most of what he wrote turned out to be bullshit.

My book, “Been There, Done That,” chronicles abuse and recovery of all kinds.  And that’s just scratching the surface.  Difference between what I’ve written and Frey wrote (to sell 5 million books!)… my stuff is all true, and…I have photographic evidence.  (Really, you’d think I’m making it all up, if I didn’t have the pictures to prove it).

“TALL TALES” is a recurrent entry in Been There, Done That.  TALL TALES are stand-alone stories of outrageous occurrences in my life, such as a nearly-fatal-cum-ultimately-life-affirming experience in Kaui (“Diving for Dignity or Death in Hawaii”), being thrown in jail in Rosarito Beach on trumped up charges, in which I turn the tables and extort the authorities (“Mexico: One Good Shakedown Deserves Another”), encouraging –and witnessing—unforgivable behavior on the part of The (married) Governator (“Cruisin with Ah-nold”) and producing perhaps the worst feature film ever made (“Me, the…uh…Movie Producer and LOTS more…”).


I’ve just posted a TALL TALE entry on my website, which recounts my main event battle in Tokyo against a 300 lbs. Japanese fighting and pro wrestling legend (“Hashimoto will Kill Me”).  I hope you’ll check it out.  Click here to Read more