Evan Marriott – Rick Bassman

Evan Marriott   Its not often I speak about my past. Many people know I am very closed lipped. Those I consider close friends are few and far between. Call it trust issues, call it what you want. I keep my cards close to my chest (a sexy chest at that), but that’s not the point here. Today I am going to mention a person who played a key role in my life here in Southern California. Back in 1996 I came to California. Immersing myself in the fitness industry. I trained with former Mr USA Joe DeAngelis for a couple of years and its safe to say those were prob the funnest years of my life.

Twenty five years old, walking around with out a care in the world. It was at this time that I was approached by a man that would have a huge impact on my life. His name, Rick Bassman. Rick was a promoter and scout for the WWE. Upon seeing me training at golds Venice, he talked me into coming down to train at his facility in Huntington beach.


I was there for a couple of years before deciding to ricks disappointment that it wasn’t for me. However out of the whole experience I gained not only a business associate for years to come, but I also gained a true friend that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. I the years that I have known Rick, it has never ceased to amaze me the things this man has done in his life. The ups and downs. he’s like a artichoke. you just keep peeling off layer after layer. At 5’5, Rick isn’t the most imposing figure, but his accomplishments in the world of MMA, professional wrestling, and most recently back to his roots in the TV/ movie industry make him a giant to most. His work in Hollywood reads like a who’s who in entertainment. Working as a top executive for companies like Disney and Universal, its safe to say Rick has been to the mountain and back, twice. He has slept in the finest hotels during the good times and slept in the back of his car during the not so good times, and through it all, you would never know that he has spent a good part of his life battling cancer. That’s right! cancer. you would never know he has had an almost life long battle with it. Rick doesn’t talk about it. Until now. His book “Been There Done That” talks about his life growing up, the fight game, the juicy Hollywood stories, his drug addiction, and the evil cancer in his body seeming to rear its ugly head at seemingly every turn. Its about life, learning, and leaving it all on the table, only to come out the other side smelling like a rose.