Episode 2 –with ERIC “BUTTERBEAN” ESCH & Talking Tough Podcast

The world’s toughest men and women, at their most vulnerable.

Their stories of triumph. The leaders of The Hells Angels and the Navy Seals, the Crips street gang, and our nation’s most-under-fire police departments. These amazing individuals have risen to the very top of their world and crashed to the bottom spectacularly. From WWE Superstars and UFC legends, learn how they rose to the pinnacles of their chosen professions, to holocaust Survivors and former child Soldiers, transitioning from a “normal” life to the most horrific existence that life can bring. Their falls from grace, their descents to their respective rock bottoms. And… their climb back to the top. To LIFE. Talking Tough peels back the surface of these seemingly TOUGHEST of men and women, going deep to reveal the vulnerability beneath… the failures, the pain, the shame, and ultimately… the strength, the resilience, and the heart that enabled them to fight their way back. And to come out electrified on the other side of life. Equal parts entertainment and inspiration… and winner of “Best of Los Angeles’” “Most Inspirational Podcast,”… Rick Bassman’s Talking Tough!


Rick gets one-on-one time with one of his best friends, the iconic fighter and media personality known far and wide –and affectionately—as Butterbean.  The two good pals talk about Butterbean’s unlikely later-life comeback , from 500+ lbs., wheelchair-bound and severely depressed, to a lean, mean and incredibly fit and happy 300 lbs.  They discuss Diamond Dallas Page’s role in this remarkable transition and apply the lessons Bean learned under DDP’s tutelage that can apply to anybody facing big life challenges.  We then learn that… Bean is preparing to get back in the ring, and show what he says will be the best version ever of the fighter once known as “The king of the 4-rounders.” 

Rick and Bean discuss possible opponents, which ends with Bean sizing up his chances against Jake and Logan Paul, Mie Tyson, and calling out Vince McMahon and Dana White to book and promote a fight with Brock Lesnar.