Episode 1 – Introducing Rick & Mina & The Pit Bull Podcast

Hosts Rick Bassman and Mina Martinez believe that dogs are the most beautiful creatures on earth, as they share a passion centered on love and support for their beloved bully breeds. As long-time dedicated advocates for pit bull-type dogs and as activists with a mutual goal to better the bullies’ steep challenges, Mina and Rick have come together to shine a truthful light on the far-too-often misunderstood pit bull. Featuring expert guests on every relevant topic surrounding the bully breeds, The Pit Bull Podcast does a deep dive into rescue –including fostering and adopting –and how to succeed at it, breed-specific legislation, media vilification, dog fighting, breeding, and the plight of pit bulls entering the shelter system. We can change the world for pit bulls, one dog at a time. Join us here to help us make that difference right here on The Pit Bull Podcast.

Episode 1 – September 19, 2023 – Introducing Rick & Mina & The Pit Bull Podcast

Mina –who lives in Tokyo and Rick,who lives in California– great friends for 10 years, meet in person for the first time at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. 

In this inaugural episode, they discuss their mutual love for the pit bull, the challenges facing their beloved bully breeds, and their motivation behind doing The Pit Bull Podcast.