Episode 6 – with Randy “The Natural” Couture & Talking Tough Podcast

The world’s toughest men and women, at their most vulnerable.

Their stories of triumph. The leaders of The Hells Angels and the Navy Seals, the Crips street gang, and our nation’s most-under-fire police departments. These amazing individuals have risen to the very top of their world and crashed to the bottom spectacularly. From WWE Superstars and UFC legends, learn how they rose to the pinnacles of their chosen professions, to holocaust Survivors and former child Soldiers, transitioning from a “normal” life to the most horrific existence that life can bring. Their falls from grace, their descents to their respective rock bottoms. And… their climb back to the top. To LIFE. Talking Tough peels back the surface of these seemingly TOUGHEST of men and women, going deep to reveal the vulnerability beneath… the failures, the pain, the shame, and ultimately… the strength, the resilience, and the heart that enabled them to fight their way back. And to come out electrified on the other side of life. Equal parts entertainment and inspiration… and winner of “Best of Los Angeles’” “Most Inspirational Podcast,”… Rick Bassman’s Talking Tough!

TALKING TOUGH EPISODE 3.6 – SPECIAL GUEST –  Randy “The Natural” Couture

From humble beginnings to superstardom, Randy “The Natural” Couture is one of mixed martial arts’ most-enduring legends, and a movie star.  Randy and Rick swap stories and perspectives about UFC 13, in which Randy made his MMA debut, and Rick was managing and cornering for Randy’s opponent Tony Halme (WWE’s Ludvig Borga).  Way above and beyond this, Randy openly shares his origin story, beginning with a single parent family, where he very demonstrably learned values and work ethic that would serve him well in later life.  From there, Rick and Randy move through The Natural’s journey into the world of sports (beginning with tennis and rollerskating!), to becoming a professional and a champion, a father, and ultimately, an actor, starring in major motion pictures.  Randy candidly explores the challenges he’s faced in life, including his marriages, and the times he’s found himself in dark places, and dispenses hard-won wisdom about mistakes made and lessons learned.  In the process, we get great advice from The Natural, on how we can all meet our challenges head on and ultimately, emerge victorious.

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Episode 6 – with Randy “The Natural” Couture & Talking Tough  Podcast