Episode 6 – with ERICA PORTER & The Cancer Warriors Podcast


From surviving to thriving.

“From Surviving to Thriving.” – this is the core mission of The Cancer Warriors Podcast. Hosted by cancer thrivers Rick Bassman and ERICA PORTER and featuring guests from across the spectrum of the cancer world, this podcast will lend perspective and insight to help cancer survivors, thrivers, and warriors, as well as their caregivers and loved ones, navigate the often confusing, overwhelming, and complex journey from diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and survivorship. All modalities and viewpoints are on the table, including advances in Western treatments, alternative modalities, and holistic and integrative approaches to healing and recovery.

With the right mindset, crisis transforms into opportunity, and a journey of empowerment unfolds. We know from experience that despite the odds, there is an abundance of hope, and no matter what, there are gifts, lessons, silver linings, and nuggets of gold to be discovered on the journey. Above all, our intention, hope, and mission are to inspire, uplift, and offer hope in the moments of darkness to serve as a reminder that the Light Always Wins. 

Episode 6 –  with ERICA PORTER & The Cancer Warriors Podcast

It’s a new beginning for The Cancer Warriors! Erica Porter, known also as Women of Wrestling’s Jungle Grrrl, joins Rick in her first episode as co-host of The Cancer Warriors.  Erica’s candidly shares her personal stage 4 cancer journey, and her creation of the Endorphasm Foundation, which provides physical fitness guidance and training free of charge, to people in the midst of their own cancer battles. Rick, for te first time publicly, reveals his recent brain cancer diagnosis, and together, the two longtime friends talk about their philosophies about what one can and cannot control when facing cancer, and offer heartfelt and simple advice on actions we all take to not only survive cancer, but to thrive during and after.

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