Episode 2 – with Jill & Cody Rackley of SHADOW’S FUND & The Pit Bull Podcast

Hosts Rick Bassman and Mina Martinez believe that dogs are the most beautiful creatures on earth, as they share a passion centered on love and support for their beloved bully breeds. As long-time dedicated advocates for pit bull-type dogs and as activists with a mutual goal to better the bullies’ steep challenges, Mina and Rick have come together to shine a truthful light on the far-too-often misunderstood pit bull. Featuring expert guests on every relevant topic surrounding the bully breeds, The Pit Bull Podcast does a deep dive into rescue –including fostering and adopting –and how to succeed at it, breed-specific legislation, media vilification, dog fighting, breeding, and the plight of pit bulls entering the shelter system. We can change the world for pit bulls, one dog at a time. Join us here to help us make that difference right here on The Pit Bull Podcast.

Episode 2 – October 06, 2023 – with Jill & Cody Rackley of SHADOW’S FUND & The Pit Bull Podcast

There are only small handfuls of people in this world who have invested everything in acquiring land, erecting structures and maintaining a staff, and dedicating all of these resources to the betterment of a large number of pit bull-type dogs.  There are even fewer who are DOING IT RIGHT.  Jill and Cody Rackley of Shadow’s Fund are amongst those few.

Mina and Rick do a deep dive with Jill and Cody into the challenges of not only keeping a sanctuary running year after year, but doing so at a high standard.  From there, they focus on the challenges surrounding our beautiful bully breeds, with a focus on why pit bull-type dogs’ reputations suffer such incredible unfairness, and how we can play our part in giving these deserving creatures a better chance at a fair and fulfilled life.