Coming Full Circle

Rick Bassman's new book is called, "Been there, done that".For the past seven months, I’ve been consulting (euphemism for working-my-ass-off!) for MOOZ Entertainment, an exceptionally strong, exceptionally forward-thinking powerhouse out of India.  This coming September 5, we see the first tangible fruits of our labor as we begin our three-date Korn tour that evening in New Delhi.

This year already, I’ve produced Mixed Martial Arts in Indonesia and Pro Wrestling in Guyana.  I’ve been to Canada twice, New York twice, Las Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival, Hawaii, and to Dubai and South Korea.

Years back, this would have been a “normal” schedule for me.  Taking the past few years on a stand-alone basis –and save for the random trip to Congo or Romania—it’s been an exceptional time.

I started by first real business at 19, promoting concerts in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, booking entertainment at major LA clubs, and owning my own nightclub in the tiny UCSB college town of Isla Vista.  31 years later, I’m doing essentially the same think, albeit on a much grander scale.

Did I think this where I’d be at 50?  Like many entertainment-industry entrepreneurs, I had visions of global domination. Did I think this would consist of running all over the world at my advanced age, putting on events, developing television properties and the like, to earn my living?  Well, in so many words…no.  But…I love it!

Seven short months ago, I “semi-retired” and moved to a very modest house in the mountains, to finish my first book and spend time with my dogs.  Exactly 10 days after relocating, I engaged with MOOZ, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.  As a result, in the upcoming months, I will see considerable time in India, as well as in New York and London, back in the LA entertainment corridors of Century City, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and snatches of time on the road with artists like Korn and Guns n Roses (and some very major players to be named soon).   It’s a ball-buster, but thankfully, I’m energetic and in great shape (if I say so myself), and as I said before…I love it.

And, I love equally coming back to Big Bear and spending quality time with Ramone and GoGos, my pit bulls / best friends.  Enjoying the mountain air and my “hermit time.”  But sometimes, I can’t even sit still here.  Next week, I drive West  to visit my friend, who owns a pit bull rescue, and help out there for a bit.

Being so incredibly busy –for the first time in years—has revitalized me.  Every day is an adventure.  The other night, on the phone, an old girlfriend from high school who I’m back in touch with (thanks Facebook!) asked me if I ever thought I’d settle down.  Well, I answered her, I’m not sure what that means.  I do know this, my dreams have come alive again.  And I’m working toward them with a conviction that has been absent for some time.  One such “dream,” which I intend to become a REALITY, may fit some person’s version of what “settling down” is.  I’m excited about making it come true, and letting people in on it.  Until then –India-bound(!) and otherwise—the adventure continues…