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YouTubeI’m dead set on living…living hard, living good, living fun, living committed….or I’ll damned-well do my best to die trying.


Contradiction in terms. In just about all things…


My best friends are career criminals. Spiritualists. Quick-on-the-trigger, hard-drinking street brawlers. Business leaders. Environmentalists. Illiterates. Prolific Authors. They have one thing in common. They are all good people.


Obstacles are placed before us to be overcome. Disease to beget greater health. Enemies to be made into friends. CONFIDENCE. FORGIVENESS. LOVE. LIVE WITHOUT FEAR.


God made me short. And funny-looking. And bald. And now he has made me old. And I swear to this gracious God, who has given me life after life after life, I will do all I can with this precious gift that continues to give. Limits and all. Because…at the end of the day…I truly believe that our ONLY limits are the ones we place on ourselves.