Boxer and MMA Fighter Butterbean puts his seal of approval on Rick Bassman's new book, "Been there, done that".

When you first see Rick, you don’t think nothin’ of him.  Just this short little guy.  But soon, you notice that he fills the room with his presence.  As I got to know him, I understood why.  We all think we have a book in us.  Hell, I do.  But Rick, damn, this guy’s been up and down more than just about anyone I know.  And the shit he’s done,  both good and bad, but mostly good, is unbelievable.  He’s a true mighty midget in a giant’s world, but even among the world’s meanest giants, he’s always in charge.    I’m glad he’s my friend.

Rick has helped me a lot over the years.  He’s had an awful rough few years himself, and lately I’ve seen him climb out of a very deep hole.  Now, I want to help him get back to the top.   If you want to know what I know about him and his life  –the highest highs, the lowest lows and all the crazy stories—it will all be in his book, “Been There, Done That.”

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