You’d think I’m making it all up, if I didn’t have the pictures to prove it!   Basically a stand-alone short story, of such outrageous occurrences that if the “average” person were to live just ONE of these, he’d tell it over and over for his entire life. I’ve got LOTS of ‘em!. Get ready to get blown away.

I was on top of the Pro Wrestling world as owner of UPW. Until I was tricked into headlining Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall against 300 lbs. legend Shinya Hashimoto. In a shoot!

Here are some of the other Tall Tales that will appear in LITTLE BIG MAN. Stay tuned!:

  • “Diving for Dignity or Death in Hawaii.” A nearly-fatal-cum-life-affirming experience in Kauai, with UFC legend Kimo and a cast of crazies
  • “Mexico: One Good Shakedown Deserves Another” in which I turn the tables on the authorities south of the border
  • “Me the Movie Producer.” In which I produce what is possibly the worst movie here. A tale rife with the ultimate heights of narcissism, megalomania and just plain silliness.
  • “Crusin’ with Ah-nold.” Hangin’ with the Governator and witnessing his unforgiveable behavior.


  • A solo Camping Trip to Hell: Buffalo, Bees and Boar, oh my!
  • True Love in Las Vegas. With Mercedes and Chastity?!?
  • Bean & Bammy (Butterbean and Alabama) aka Toothless Strippers, a Near Lynching, Hammered Policemen, and a Work that even Herb Dean thinks is a Shoot.
  • Going Down over Anchorage.

Stay tuned for these TALL TALES in LITTLE BIG MAN, and…a lot more!