Wanting even keel. Hoping for even keel. PRAYING for even keel.

“There must be another way”. So said Jesus, when he began to dictate His word.

I know that my life can be as simple as I choose to make it.
But…I complicate the hell out of it.

I don’t have to struggle with anyone about anything. Least of all, and most of all, myself.
But I do struggle. And struggle hard.

I know that I don’t have to worry about any situation and that whatever level of peace I desire is available, on demand.
But worry, I do. And demand peace, well…not often.

No thought of fear can enter a mind while it thinks of God
– Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course, September 4

I’ve never escaped being afraid. In fact, despite that I like to think that I “live each day to the fullest,” that I leave by Jay Z’s manta – “Fear Not How, Fear Not Why, Fear Not Much While We’re Alive,” the fact is….I’ve lived, and continue to live in fear, most of my life.