Life, love, sex, fear, death. Not that you asked my opinion, but it’s my BOOK, so I can write about whatever I want.

My shameless, self-revelatory and self-deprecating take on a variety of subjects which are central themes in my life and in most persons’ lives (well, at least I think it’s self-deprecating).

[ezcol_1half]Coming soon from Rick Bassman and “LITTLE BIG MAN:”

  • “Living in Fear”
  • “Truth and Lies”
  • “Getting Grounded, or Pre-ordained to Living a Life on the Edge”
  • God and Good Judgment”
  • “Life 101”
  • “What Inspires Me”
  • “Telling Our Story”
  • “We are God”
  • “Despair”
  • “A Life Well-Lived”

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