Spelled [dahy-uh-ree] l 1. a daily record, usually private, especially of the writer’s own experiences, observations, feelings, attitudes, etc.

It took me nearly two and one-half years to write “Little Big Man.” My Diary consists of entries from that time in my life, isolated in the mountains. Painfully searing, rise-from-the-ashes meditations; the penultimate extremes of physical occurrences and emotional ruminations, written in “real time.” OUCH. In other words, it’s real, it’s ugly, and oftentimes…it’s REAL UGLY. You’ll probably think I’m half-crazy, and at this time in my life, I probably was. It may also cost me some friends and some professionmal opportunities, but…what the hell. For once in my life, I am going to sacrifice commercial gain for artistic integrity.

Here a few of the other Diary titles that will appear that will appear in LITTLE BIG MAN.

• Lots at Stake
• I am So Blessed
• From One Extreme to the Other
• High on Life
• Reflection
• On Spit & Tissue Paper
• I Know What True Love is and it Sucks
• Drowning
• I Don’t Give a Fuck
• Pain
• The Another Week From Hell
• A Day in a Life. A Life in a Day.
• Things are What They Are; or Aren’t
• Selling Ramone.
• Can I Have a new Vicodin script? Please?
• Trying to Spread Love, and Feeling…Dark
• Summer’s Over. Is the Grass Greener?
• Am I Crazy?
• Heart Attack on the Horizon.
• Losing Things. My Mind Included.
• I am Enough.
• It’s Time to make Some Changes.
• Kinda-sorta Starting to see the Forest for the Trees. Maybe.
• I think I’m going Insane
• Druggin Again. And it Feels Good.