Sitting in Toronto

I’m sitting in a bar in downtown Toronto on a cold, gray afternoon, Dell Inspiron laptop propped up on the concrete slab bar.  The moisture is condensing on the side of my 2nd Stoli and Redbull.  Hey, it’s only Wednesday afternoon, so I’m taking it a little slow, okay?.  I’m away from my Big Bear home, in the middle of a 12 day “road trip.”    4 nights in an LA hotel, then Canada, New York and freakin’ Guyana. 

Aside from missing my babies terribly, life is good.  And getting better.  Good friends.  Good business.  Good times. 

My great friend and client, Nathan Jones, arrived on set today for “Fury Road”—the latest in George Miller’s “Mad Max” saga—and is playing the lead villain to Tom Hardy’s Max.  It was a ball-buster of a deal to make, and I’m proud to say that we got it done, albeit at the last hour.  I’m thrilled for Nathan; who’s truly a deserving soul; it’s the role of his career.  Just a couple of weeks after partying with Axl at The House of Blues on Sunset,  I’ve wrapped up negotiations –on behalf of my major Client– for Guns n’ Roses, to play 3 dates in India later this year.  I’m a fan and I’m psyched.

The social aspects of this trip continue to be, um, how do I say this?  Nothing short of spectacular.  So…it’s ALL good.

Tomorrow night, I meet 18 of my friends at JFK for a red-eye to Georgetown Guyana, where I produce 2 wrestling shows this weekend. Tom “Green Beret” Howard, Sylvester “Predator” Terkay, Todd Keneley, Bill Goldberg and Butterbean are amongst the group.  All good friends, who I haven’t seen for a long while and have missed…I can’t wait!

Perhaps most importantly, the wonderful Claudia, who’s watching Ramone and GoGo while I’m away, keeps sending me photos of them at play.  They look happy.  And THATmakes me happy.

Every day, more and more, I find myself thanking God.  I slap myself –sometimes literally—it’s hard to believe that just over 3 years ago I was living on a dirtroad,  in the backseat of my up-for-repossession car, searching for Ramone, who was lost for  6 months.  Homeless, broke and hopeless.

Yeah, life is good. AND GETTING BETTER…

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