Big Explanation and Apology

"Been There Done That" written by Rick BassmanHi All-

So, I owe a big explanation and apology to many, and a BIGGER “THANKS!” to all. Ever since things started to get a bit dicey with my publisher, the amazing team that helps me with my social media has gone into overdrive, solely with the goal to build my connections. My thoughts…IF I am fortunate enough to build a big enough following, I can go back to the giant ruthless, corporate publishing house, and say “see, step up, or I’ll self publish and you’ll lose out!”

Part of my our strategy to gather this support has included going out to my LinkedIn Connections and asking you to Friend me on Facebook, and asking you to “Like” my Page. Well, long story short… in being over-zealous, I didn’t realize that MANY LI Connections are ALREADY FB Friends, thus…and rightfully so…I’m getting lots of messages basically asking…”What the hell?!?” I sincerely apologize if this has had the appearance of spamming; nothing could be further from my thoughts and intentions.

To make matters worse…I haven’t responded to your messages. No excuse is a good excuse, but here goes nonetheless… I’ve not been home and settled in 25 days. Instead, I’ve been in 3 time zones, and averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night (no exaggeration!) In terms of pure work load, and ensuing exhaustion, this has been the most challenging month I’ve ever experienced (well, if you don’t count the time spent on my back in various oncology wings!). I’m now home in the mountains, reunited with my pups Ramone & GoGo at my side, rested and catching up. Putting the finishing touches on my book, coming up with novel concoctions from my brand new Ninja juicer (and from my bar, of course), chilling by the fire with my baby dogs and of course, answering e-mails and messages (finally!). So, in the midst of being both a flake and a spammer, here is a truly presumptuous request… will you like my Facebook Page at ?

Please help the little guy –and at 5’4″, literally in my case!– slay the corporate giant. And please, let me know if I can do the same in return and I will do so IMMEDIATELY! I humbly ask you for your continued support, and at the very least, beg for your tolerance. Have a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Holiday, and always, please…know that each day is what we make of it!

With love, respect and appreciation.