Back at Cedars Sinai Hospital

Back at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Bottom line…just wasn’t going to make it out on my own. The 3 major back surgeries in 3 months, which im still in the early stages of recovering from, plus the “imminently life threatening” infections (per m…y doctor), which I’m injecting myself with hardcore antibiotics 3 times a day…well, it all just had me beat. Over next couple of days, checking into an in-patient rehabilitation facility that will put together and manage a program for me to get well and strong. In this pic, I’m saying “see you soon” to Ramone & GoGo, who have headed to San Clemente. This is not goodbye my sweet babies. Before you know it, Daddy will be out and we’ll be running together in the wave break. Hell, maybe even in Hawaii…See More


— at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.