Attacked by 2 Coyotes!


Ramone (and GoGo) gets attacked. Again! (This time, by 2 coyotes that jumped our fence).

And in the (self-proclaimed) daring rescue attempt, guess WHO sustains all the damage? AGAIN?!? And lost a good pair of not-so-Lucky jeans in the process.


Quick day after report… First and foremost, Ramone and Gogo are both doing just fine. Not a sctatch on ’em, and they seem to have forgotten about it already (although, they DO seem a little extra clingy, but that could be my imagination). My knee hurts alot worse today –you know it’s ALWAYS more painful the day after– plus, I’ve discovered what I think is a sprained thumb AND my face is banged up a little. All in all though, in the grand scheme of things…no big deal! Thank you all for all of the good wishes!