“Friends don’t do because they owe, friend do because they want to.” Truer words were never spoken, Rocky Balboa.

I received many GREAT messages in my FB inbox in response to my post a couple of nights ago. This resulted in a 3am call this morning with a person that said I had helped them with something at a critical time in their life many years ago. This person literally cried on the phone when recounting the story. (maybe I am turning into THAT guy (?) we all know who DOESN’T like to “publicize” any of his good deeds).

Anyways, in thinking it about it this morning, I truly would rather be the person who does his best for others, than that too-cool-for-skool Benz-driving dude (who I really can’t even remember anymore).

If there’s ANYTHING I can do for you, if it’s in my power to do it… 3am phone calls, whatever… I’m here. Here’s my #. And for those of you who backed my autobiography on Kickstarter, if you want to scream at me, you now have my digits.

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